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Real Estate Exam Prep (AMP)

Available NOW!

The 2nd edition is due out in April 2014;
but AMP itself says that though the outline
reflects restructuring, all of the questions in their
item banks--and therefore prepped in this book--
remain in use.

So, you will still be more than adequately prepared for the "New" AMP exam by using this exam prep.

Clearance special of remaining 1st editions will be discounted 33%--$24.00 vs. regular $36.00!!

This book is for use in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming.

Retail price: just $36.00!! (See order form for details.)
eBook price: just $9.98 through Amazon--simply copy & paste 'AMP kindle exam prep' in the search line after clicking on Amazon here.

Prelicensing Candidates—take note!

There are two simple reasons why this is the only truly authoritative guide available for preparing to take the General (principles & practices) section of the licensing exam in any of the states above:

The author was the primary staff member who took the results of Assessment Systems, Inc. (ASI)'s fully national real estate job analysis and drafted the outline—and prepared the item banks—still used by ASI's successor companies for their examinations!

The AMP examination—and content outline—is based on a job analysis that substantially confirms the “general” nature of real estate subject matter identified in the ASI real estate job analysis!

And for instructors—consider this!

This is the single best end-of-course review in print. It concentrates standard textbook and curriculum material into concise, comprehensive, exam-outline-sequenced clusters of key terms, concepts, and principles.

With this book, you get:

  • The most direct, focused, and exam-specific review available—fewer than 150 pages gets you farther, faster, and with greater lasting comprehension of key elements than any other book!

  • The benefit of a uniquely experienced test developer for commentary on what will—and will not—be on the test, and why.

  • A full-length exam prepared to parallel AMP's published test specifications for the number of questions per Content Outline Section.

  • An answer key with a diagnostic chart to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Publisher’s Note

Nothing in this Exam Prep publication for AMP should be construed as indicating AMP's direct endorsement of, involvement in, responsibility for, or current agreement with any of the author's interpretations, elaborations, or commentary on the AMP general content outline's list of commonplace real estate topics.

All interpretations and elaborations of real estate subject matter are based on close research of standard texts, legal reference works, the ASI Job Analysis Technical Report (1998), ASI and its successor's published practice exams, and government websites, along with textual revisions suggested by a nationwide group of reviewers in the fields of real estate regulation, law, practice, and instruction.

Real Estate Exam Prep (AMP)-1st edition

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